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Dead Good Poets

Aberdeen's Got More Talent

Full Evening of Open Mic

Thursday 27 August 2009
6.30pm - 8pm

Books and Beans, Belmont Street, Aberdeen

Admission free

Open Mic

To begin the autumn season, Dead Good Poets offer an event entirely devoted to open mic performers. Music also welcome.

You are all invited to write and read a poem on an August theme e.g.: birthdays of Obama, Mother Teresa, Andy Warhol, Napoleon, etc etc.

or: remember Hiroshima, outbreak of W.W.1, end of W.W.2, Great Train Robbery, Glorious 12th, (Palin's party day - 'buy a gun and shoot wild animals for fun'), Julius C. invaded Britain, Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech, death of Princess Di. etc etc.

or: celebrate and read a favorite poem.

There will also be a "who wrote that" quiz in which some of our regular readers will read each other's poems and you guess who they are by. Prizes to be won.

Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world. (Shelley)

2009 Programme

North East Writers

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