To Look for Work

Rapunzel Wizard

What have you done to look
For work in the last two weeks?

It's enough to make you freak,
and I feel I am back at school
with a well known stab of fear,
remembering junior class
unrevised spelling tests.

And the client advisers grim
with their faces as set as teachers
ask me What have you done to look
For work in the last two weeks?

In the last two weeks!
I've done sod all job search
for the last five months!

The other scrounging doleys
just linger like naughty kids,
fidget and sit in guilt
by the door to the Head's office
and wait to be called to sign.

What have I done to look
for work in the last two weeks?
An unfilled in lies sheet
is telling no lies this time,
but years of excuses to teachers,
a non job, on the job training,
with a blather and blag instinct
of heartfelt hard luck spiel,
and intangible searches for work
in a blaggerty blagging blag.
To submission the adviser is bored,
allows me to sign my name,
I escape from the teacher's desk,
a peculiar ringing sound
in my ears like a schoolyard bell.

Next time I'll look for work,
apply for a vacancy, honest.
But when I reach the street
beyond the school's control,
my mind is so full of thoughts
of Saint Giro's day, two days away.
What will I do to look
for work? Utterly nothing!