Ae Meditation

Sheena Blackhall

An Owersett frae Marcus Aurelius, Emperor of Rome AD 161–180

Aa ferlies are wuvven throwither, a haly bond jynes them;
there is feint the thing that stauns alane.

Aathin's linkit, aathin wirks thegither
tae gie form tae the ae Universe.
The Warld order is Ane frae monie, aa in Ane,
rennin throwe aa, aa are Ane, aa Law
is Ane. An aa truitht is Ane.

Like lichtin, ilkie pikk o matter mirls inno the Aybydan kirn,
like lichtnin aathin ilkie maik o Causation reforms
inno the Aybydan Rizzen; like lichtnin
the myndin o aathin's beeriet in the Howe o Eternity.