Love is a Daily Adventure

Grantly Read Marshall

Love is a daily ambition,
a shot in the dark with an empty gun,
a jog turning into a sprint or a run,
an encounter which started as frivolous fun,
adding strength or destructive attrition?

Love never can be repeated,
each moment controlled by a different force,
each carriage attached to a different horse,
a ride in the clouds or a bitter divorce,
the champion or one soon defeated?

Love can't be counted like money,
hoarded and pinched in a cold, dark room,
swept in a vault with a witch-like broom,
causing the flowers to wilt and not bloom,
the poison which sowers all honey.

Love isn't something one chooses,
it strikes like the lightning in darkened skies,
the beautiful bird as it sings and flies,
the swimmer in water who breathes or dies,
the bomb with its fast burning fuses.

Love is the God of our world,
reigning alone amid famine and war,
writing all books and all stories of lore,
creator of children, of virgins and whores,
the flag which is always unfurled.