Catalogue: Life as Tableware

Ivy Alvarez

accessorise with simple, elegant shapes
choose muted bones, the subtle variations of sin
harvested from the last century

the alluring sparkle of toenails and teeth
and the reflective qualities of glazed eyes
mix well with hair
shorn from a passive
human animal
to be woven into the fabric of your life

A bound foot in classic white china
suitable for any occasion. $9.00

A pair of ankles
shaped into aluminium platters.
Small $16.95, large $44.95

Wrinkled knees of hand-woven
cotton and fragrant vetiver reed. $16.95

The pelvis makes an ideal drinks trolley
or side table. Dark cherry, 54 cm diameter. $129

The torso has a mirrored
back plate to reflect and increase
the drama of the spine. $27.95

The head, a contemporary form in silver —
painted timber. Small $82, large $125

Ceramic brown cheekbones
work beautifully as a serving platter
or candle plate. $44.95

Existence is funky and retro. Life comes in a dark
cherry-stain timber veneer
with chrome frame. Mortality is made
from top-quality stainless steel. Humanity is
smoothly polished aluminium inside,
a charcoal finish outside. $119

From Catalogue: Life as Tableware (Wales: The Private Press, 2004)