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Shellfish and Umbrellas

Shellfish and Umbrellas

Steven Porter

Thursday 25 September 2008
6.30pm - 8pm

Books and Beans, Belmont Street, Aberdeen

Admission free

Poetry open mic as usual

Steven Porter

Dead Good Poets are pleased to host the launch of Shellfish and Umbrellas, a new poetry chapbook from Steven Porter, published by Koo Press. Steven Porter hails from the North-East of Scotland but has lived in Spain for several years.

Lucid and moving are words which may well describe what lies between the covers. However, Steven Porter darkens the pages with a sense of the oblique, be it moments of joy or scenes of longing. Here relationships unfurl, side by side with an occasion of passing through; moreover his lines are rooted in place and belonging, particularly in deliberations between a sun-splashed Spain and the rain and misted North-East of Scotland. And ‘Poetry Rules’, he implies, ‘it pollinates our libraries’. Within these oft wry narratives lies the profound, from one who'll ‘renounce the Age of Snow’ and proffer the revolution to be ‘half-price on a Monday afternoon’, for a small cost that makes for a satisfying read any day.

Douglas W. Gray

2008 Programme

North East Writers

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